kindle ereaders

kindle ereaders are without a doubt the most popular ebook readers on the market. As a user of one, I speak from experience. If you are looking for something more trendy,then this is the Ereader for you.This ereader has made the transition from paper to screens very comfortable and I can assure you that you’ll get the best experience from this kindle

There are many different advantages and disadvantages to a kindle,notably a kindle paperwhite,which is touchscreen.If you want a more in-depth read,check out Amazon Paperwhite is the Best Digital Reading … – Mashable,I will outline some of the highlights
Kindle paperwhite:

-lighter than a magazine and can store over a thousand books

-has in built lighting and can read in the dark,yet doesn’t stain the eyes since it is not an LCD screen

-has several other features,including in-built dictionary and automatic bookmarks

-can buy books instantly(with wifi)

-does not have the feel of a book

Paper books
-requires bookshelf and is heavier
-cannot be read in dim light
-has no other features
-have to wait to go to bookstore or library
-feels good in your hands.
Another thing to note is the fact that there are many different kndle models out there,including older models,the just-as-trendy kindle voyage and the 3g versions.Once again,if you want to know more,check out  Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Voyage – Best for you … › Tablets › eReaders. However,the main thing to take note of is price and features like the built-in lighting and touchscreen.(older kindle models may not have this.There are some advantages though,which is important to note)
Finally,note whether you want an ad-supported kindle or not.while the ad-supported is cheaper,the lock screen of a non ad-supported kindle looks nice,and the price difference is meager.
If you think you are ready to buy,simply click on the link below to take you straight to the amazon store.Remember,no pressure.If you have any questions,you can email me.Hope you enjoy your new kindle!

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