Enhanced senses

Enhanced senses is another auxiliary power. Not the most flashy of powers, but definitely very useful in day to day situations. By hearing the heartbeat of a person, you could tell of they were lying. By telescoping your vision, you’d become a human telescope. And I’m also referring to the countless other variations of this power in this post.

Thermal or night vision would let you manoeuvre from place to place in complete darkness. X-Ray vision would let you instantly identify any fractures in a person’s body. Microscopic vision would make you a whiz in microbiology class. And I’ve barely scratched the surface. The two main offensive abilities of enhanced senses is heat/laser vision, and super/ice breath, both of these being trademark abilities of superman.

Heat vision is possibly one of the most fluctuating powers in terms of appearence and effect. Superman has been shown to use pencil-thin lasers to slice through objects. He’s also been shown to use huge beams of energy to simply vapourize objects. His heat vision can cut, weld, incinerate, start fires and microwave objects.

Super/ice breath is also another offensive ability, in a way it’s the anti heat vision. Where heat vision burns, ice breath freezes. Personally, I think it would be really cool to whip up tornadoes and freeze objects solid simply by blowing. Of course, super/ice breath might cause problems when it came to blowing out birthday candles or cooling a hot cup of coffee.

Generally, one of the key aspects of enhanced senses is the ability to filter out unnecessary information. This is why superman doesn’t go deaf even though he can hear an entire country from space, or blind himself on a bright day.

Tomorrow, you’re in for a treat. Instead of talking about a particular power, I’ll be talking about superman, and something I like to call “the superman package”. Remember to look out for it!


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