In these times of change, a leisure activity as simple as reading a book has become digitized.  Speaking from the view point of a technophile, this is all great news.  However, I understand that there may be many people out there who are hesitant about making the change from paper to screens.

That is why I created this website — to help those out there understand all about the world of e-books and its advantages and disadvantages — by compiling all the research I’ve done into a single website.  I will also be promoting several e-book related products, notably e-book readers.  If, from reading my articles, you finaIly have the confidence to buy an e-book reader for yourself, simply click on the shown links which will take you straight to the site where you can buy the e-book reader of your choice.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jordan.mitchell.chan@gmail.com  and I’ll try to answer your questions with in a week as best I can.


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